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Marketing Floor Plan

We provide clean, precise, and timely floor plans. Highlighted are the room names, room dimensions, and structural features such as stairs, kitchen cabinets, appliances, HVAC, etc. We include decks, porches, and steps in order to give the best possible feel for the property.

Deliverable – Provided are JPG images of each floor and one JPG image with all floors. A PDF is also provided for MLS attachment. The first page contains all floors followed by a single page for each floor. We can upload this PDF directly to MLS if you provide an MLS number. The floor plan will flow through to Zillow, Realtor, etc.

Special requests- We encourage requests that match your style and taste. Some commons special requests include a branded copy, an estimate of gross interior square footage, and color added to the plans. We can provide all of those complimentary by request.